GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Suggests People Should Choose Between iPhone and Health Care

Courtesy of YouTube/CNN Politics

The remark, on CNN's 'New Day,' prompted criticism from Judd Apatow and Rob Delaney among others.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz says that the GOP's long-awaited health care plan may lead people to put aside money for their health care instead of "getting that new iPhone."

That's the Utah Republican's advice to consumers who are concerned about the changes to the health care system that may be on the way under the House GOP's long-awaited health care plan.

The plan puts more emphasis on health savings accounts at the expense of former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, which offers more generous subsidies of insurance premiums.

To make his point, on CNN's New Day, Chaffetz advised consumers that instead of buying a new phone "maybe they should invest in their own health care."

Chaffetz was rebuked on social media, with many Twitter users criticizing him for making it seem like the cost of health care and an iPhone were comparable.

Chaffetz tried to walk back his comments on Fox News' America's Newsroom "What we're trying to say — and maybe I didn't say it as smoothly as I possibly could — but people need to make a conscious choice and I believe in self-reliance," said Chaffetz. "And they're going to have to make those decisions."

Here's a look at some of the reaction on Twitter: