Jason Mitchell Teases 'The Chi' Season 2: "It's Going to Get More Real"

The actor also spoke about his upcoming film 'SuperFly,' saying, "For once I get to be myself."

Actor Jason Mitchell’s career continues to be on the rise with projects such as Straight Outta Compton, Mudbound and Showtime's The Chi. With a season two on the way in 2019, he tells The Hollywood Reporter In Studio, “I’m just super excited about season two because it’s just so wide open, and it’s just going to get more real.”

While the actor hasn't received too much insight into what’s next for his character, Brandon Johnson, Mitchell admires creator Lena Waithe.

“Me and Lena, we just have this connection. We’re very grounded but we also have this connection to people and realize that there’s as much good as there is bad,” he says. “It’s just everybody has done as much good as they do bad and it’s just such a human show and that’s what makes Lena’s writing so great. She’s just a great human and doesn’t mind putting herself out there. She kills it.”

Audiences will have to wait until next year to see Mitchell return to The Chi, but this weekend moviegoers will be able to see him in an action-packed role in Director X’s SuperFly, a revamp of the 1978 film set in Atlanta. “I’m excited about SuperFly because you want to be a part of something nostalgic but you want it to be big.”

“We just didn’t get it when we were younger, but it was such a movie of the times and now we’re making another movie for this time so it’s dope.”

SuperFly is out now.