Jason Patric's Ex-Girlfriend Alleges Abuse, Use of Anti-Semitic Slurs

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UPDATED: Danielle Schreiber, who had a son with the actor via sperm donation, claims Patric told her "You're the kind of woman who likes to get hit."

Jason Patric's ex-girlfriend says he abused her psychologically and physically.

Danielle Schreiber, who used the actor's sperm to have a son via artificial insemination, made a series of disturbing allegations against him in a recent interview with Rolling Stone's Vanessa Grigoriadis, who describes herself as a "friendly acquaintance" of Schreiber's.

Schreiber claims Patric threw a jar of almond butter at her after she failed to put the lid on tight;  struck her face with a landline telephone; and grabbed her wrists and pushed her against the wall in his Santa Monica home, causing her to strike her head.

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"It was a cycle, a roller coaster, and I somehow accepted this kind of conduct," said Schreiber. "Jason would apologize, and then he would go out of town for an acting job. And while he was away, I'd romanticize things and think about the potential or what could be."

Schreiber and Patric are embroiled in a legal battle over their son, Gus. Patric launched Stand Up for Gus, a nonprofit advocating for the rights of fathers, and has become the face of sperm donors attempting to exercise paternal rights

When the couple broke up in 2008, Schreiber decided to have a baby by artificial insemination. She says Patrick wrote her a 29-page handwritten letter in which he said he loved her and offered for her to use sperm he had previously put in a sperm bank. She says she had planned to use an anonymous donor but was swayed by the letter.

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Schreiber says Patric did not initially want to be a father to Gus — or even tell the boy he was his parent. The couple briefly got back together in 2011 when Gus was just over a year old, and Patric allegedly became angry when Schreiber suggested they tell Gus he was the father.

She also claims that Patric directed anti-Semitic slurs toward her, such as "Ms. Jew Schreiber" and "Jew cunt," during this period. She told Rolling Stone that Patric once said to her, "You're the kind of woman who likes to get hit." But she explained that "it wasn't in a kinky way."

A rep for Patric did not respond to a request for comment, but he denied claims of abuse in a statement to Rolling Stone.

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"It is unfortunate for Gus that Ms. Schreiber is willing to stoop to such a level and disparage the child’s father in the public eye," his lawyer told the magazine. "Mr. Patric will continue to press forward with his legal rights so that he and Gus are reunited. The timing of Ms. Schreiber’s sudden media campaign should make anyone suspicious."