Jason Priestley Says He Punched Harvey Weinstein in the Face in 1995

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Jason Priestley (left), Harvey Weinstein

Here's some drama that's aged well.

To start, we just want to iterate that we don't condone violence of any kind. 

Now that we've got that out of the way, we also weren't terribly upset to hear this story about how Jason Priestley once punched Harvey Weinstein in the face at a Miramax Golden Globes afterparty in 1995. 

The actor tweeted that at the height of his Beverly Hills 90210 stardom, he got into a bit of a scrum with the now-disgraced movie mogul. The tiff escalated and ended with Priestley being hauled out of the party by security after he hurled a jab Weinstein's way. 

The drama was dragged into the spotlight on Monday after Mira Sorvino tweeted her reaction to the confirmation that Weinstein had blacklisted her for rebuffing his advances, telling director Peter Jackson not to hire her or fellow actress Ashley Judd. "There it is, confirmation that Harvey Weinstein derailed my career, something I suspected but was unsure," she wrote.

In response to her tweet, actress Tara Strong speculated that perhaps Priestley had been blacklisted by the producer as well after he punched him in the face. Priestley replied that it probably was not true, as he did not work with Weinstein, but, for our reading pleasure, he recounted the details of their encounter 22 years ago. 

"Harvey told me I had to leave... I was leaving when he grabbed me by the arm and said 'what are you doing?'" tweeted Priestley. "I said 'you told me leave, I’m leaving.'"

Priestley continued that there was a bit more back-and-forth drama about whether or not Weinstein had told the actor to leave, and then things got heated and Weinstein got punched. 

Some drama is truly timeless. 

Read the full exchange below.