Jason Reitman pens 'Up in the Air'

'Juno' director might not helm the adaptation

Jason Reitman is adapting "Up in the Air," a novel by "Thumbsucker" author Walter Kirn. Montecito, run by Reitman's father, Ivan Reitman, owns the rights to the book.

Reitman's camp said the "Juno" filmmaker is only writing the screenplay at this point and might not direct the project, which is not set up at a studio.

Reitman, repped by WMA, has yet to choose his next directorial effort, though he and his Hard C producing partner Dan Dubiecki are in production on "Jennifer's Body."

Published in 2002, "Air" is a satire of corporate culture, centering on a management consultant who engages in career transition counseling, a euphemism for firing people. The man's ultimate goal is to accumulate 1 million frequent flier miles while trying to get a plum job at a mysterious management company called MythTech.