Jason Segel, Ricky Gervais Tweet Their Mutual Admiration

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The comedy stars traded kind words in a long Twitter exchange.

Twitter has become a place for fans to profess their love to their favorite celebrities -- and beg for a little recognition -- but on Monday morning, two of Hollywood's most popular funnymen traded niceties and mocked the media.

Jason Segel started the exchange, sending Ricky Gervais a message saying "I just wanted to tell you how much you inspire all of us who are trying to make it. That's all. Thanks."

Showing his penchant for self-deprecation -- more The Office Gervais than Golden Globes host -- the British star responded "You need a better role model. Ha ha (But thank you)."

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Segel jokingly parried, saying "let's not get carried away with 'role model' but you surely remind a young dude that the only way to make it is to work hard," and then "Are we about to have some sort of wild west comedy tweet standoff? No one wins in this situation. Except me. But I was just saying thanks."

Gervais joked that "thanks" were "fighting words," then did his best to return the kind words, saying,
"You are too kind. (So you have no place on twitter. Ha ha) Thanks Jason. (Sorry I'm not good with compliments. I'm English)."

No stranger to Twitter blowups -- he's known for taking on religious fundamentalists and those who insult his shows -- Gervais then joked that the British tabloids would pick up their back-and-forth and blow it up into a feud. Segel followed, joking, "we have created a bitter comedy rivalry. We are Kim Kardashian and that forgotten basketball player. Let's go pay per view."

Obviously, no real rivalry here -- though Kardashian's ex-husband, Kris Humphries, may not be very pleased with the outcome.