Watch Jason Segel Perfectly Change Definitions While Playing Word Sneak With Jimmy Fallon

Jason Segel Tonight Show H 2015
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Jason Segel Tonight Show H 2015

"I like playing with dolls. It's good Activia."

Jason Segel stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday night and played a game of "Word Sneak" with Jimmy Fallon.

Was he up for it? "Of course — I don't have a choice," said the End of the Tour star, quite honestly.

Still, he tried his best to effortlessly speak about his summer plans to go and try to see "mongeese" ("I get bored when there's just a single mongoose"). After a rocky start, he eased into it by weaving in Gene Shalit while discussing his diet and clothing picks — and explaining what good Activia is.

Meanwhile, Fallon showed off a good squat thrust behind his desk.

Watch the video below.