Jason Statham Looks to Star in Chinese Action Film

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A Chinese producer says he is looking to create "an action movie only for Chinese audiences" with the British action hero, who is on tour in China to promote "The Expendables 3."

A packed crowd greeted action star Jason Statham in a Beijing hotel late last week as he kicked off the Chinese promotional tour for Liongate's The Expendables 3.

Statham, on his first visit to China, has told print, TV and radio journalists early on that he was caught off guard by the big reception he has received, reported the Global Times.  

The British star also revealed that he had been looking to do a film project in China for a number of years, ever since he worked with Chinese actress Shu Qi and Hong Kong director Corey Yuen on his 2002 breakout film The Transporter. "We [Qi and Yuen] shared a lot of interests and tastes in films. I had this idea, but for years I still haven't fulfilled it," said Statham, adding: "The key is finding the right project with the right person." 

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Statham's comments on a possible future project in China were backed up by Zhang Zhao, CEO of Le Vision Pictures and one of the producers of The Expendables 2 and The Expendables 3, who said that Le Vision was working with Statham to create "an action movie only for Chinese audiences." 

He didn't provide further details.

The Expendables 3 is set to hit theaters in the U.S. and Canada on Aug. 15 with a Chinese release date yet to be confirmed. The release has been overshadowed by the leak of a DVD quality version of the film on file-sharing sites with resultant legal action from Lionsgate.

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