Jason Statham's Past As an Oiled-Up Dancer in Music Videos Goes Viral

Jason Statham H 2015
Screen grab

See The Stath as you've never wished to see him before.

Jason Statham should be basking in the glow of the incredible global success of Furious 7 at the moment. However, the Internet has outdone itself in bringing the British hardman back to the ground. 

Eagle-eyed Redditors found clips of a young, and still bald, Statham gyrating in music videos for early 90s British dance acts The Shamen and Erasure, and the clips have, understandably, gone viral. 

Statham's career as a music video dancer, sadly, wasn't to last as his acting career took off after a starring role in Guy Ritchie's Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, which was released in 1998. 

Check out Statham's moves below.