Jason Statham's Past As an Oiled-Up Dancer in Music Videos Goes Viral

Screen grab

See The Stath as you've never wished to see him before.

Jason Statham should be basking in the glow of the incredible global success of Furious 7 at the moment. However, the Internet has outdone itself in bringing the British hardman back to the ground. 

Eagle-eyed Redditors found clips of a young, and still bald, Statham gyrating in music videos for early 90s British dance acts The Shamen and Erasure, and the clips have, understandably, gone viral. 

Statham's career as a music video dancer, sadly, wasn't to last as his acting career took off after a starring role in Guy Ritchie's Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, which was released in 1998. 

Check out Statham's moves below.