Jason Sudeikis Brags About, Shares Video of Slam-Dunking Son on 'Tonight Show'

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

The proud dad explained how basketball helped his child learn how to walk and even offered some sideline commentary on Otis' moves.

Jason Sudeikis stopped by to see his old Saturday Night Live pal Jimmy Fallon on Thursday's Tonight Show. Although he was there to promote his new movie, Sleeping With Other People, he couldn't resist talking about, and showing a clip of, another, more personal project: his son, Otis.

The proud dad talked about and shared a video of his 1-year-old son learning to walk and play basketball and explained that the two are connected.

Sudeikis said that he's trying to get his son, Otis, into basketball, and that the game helped Otis evolve from crawling to walking.

"He realized in order to get this little tiny basketball from one side of the room to the other, I need to use both hands and the only way to use both hands is to not crawl and therefore walk," the actor explained.

So Sudeikis hooked Otis up with a basketball hoop and the kid took his first steps back in May with a basketball in his hands.

He even brought a video of Otis slam-dunking the ball, within his first five times walking.

In the clip, Otis dunks the ball and then hangs onto the rim for a bit, which basketball fans know is a foul.

And Sudeikis pointed that out in some sideline commentary.

"I love him going strong to the hoop," he said. "The showboating has got to stop. Hanging on the rim's a technical. Gloating like that, look, they'll love it at Madison Square Garden, they'll love it at Barclays, they'll love it at home, you take that junk to Atlanta, Golden State … Twitter's gonna crush him. They're going to kill him. #calmdownkid #Itsworththesameamountofpointsasalayuphotdog."

Later Sudeikis, who also did talk about Sleeping With Other People, joined Fallon in a mixed-drinks game of Drinko.

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