Are Drawn-On Freckles the Next Big Beauty Trend?

Jason Wu Spring 2016 - Getty - P 2016
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Yadim, the makeup artist repsonsible for the effortlessly radiant beauty looks and a few fake freckles at Jason Wu's show, reveals how to create the smudge-proof spots.

At Jason Wu's spring 2017 presentation on Friday, makeup artist Yadim revealed the designer's vision for a sporty, fresh look that is all about that natural, "no-makeup" makeup look. (“I don’t want to say ‘90s, but ‘90s,” he confessed.)

Minimal foundation — with some #blessed models going completely bare-faced — a bit of brow pomade on the lid, curled lashes (no mascara) and a touch of highlighter using the Maybelline Strobing Stick created the dewy, just-left-the-gym look that off-duty models somehow make appear glamorous rather than sweaty.


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Another trick for a youthful, “I woke up like this” look? Drawn-on freckles.

"I said, 'If they have natural freckles, highlight them,' " Yadim said of his instructions to his team. "It gives more texture to the skin. And on top of that, it tends to look like they’re just coming back from summer because [freckles] become more apparent after being in the sun."

The sun-kissed look has been a favorite on the runways for a few seasons now, however, this spring, the trend is starting to pick up momentum. Hollywood youths like Kylie Jenner have been spotted (see what we did there?) playing up their natural, freckly complexions.


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To avoid the “Raggedy Ann” look reminiscent of an elementary-school Halloween costume, Yadim suggests using a brow pencil, like Maybelline’s Brow Precise, rather than an eyeliner to make the spots. “The brow pencils are good because they’re available in very ashy tones, and the ashy tones are kind of reflective of what the undercolor of freckles look like. Rather than going too red or too auburn or brown, I would stick to something that’s more of a cool tone.”

But the most important key to the speckled trend is making sure they stay in place — because streaky brown lines are definitely not fresh or youthful.

After applying the spots randomly, “I get the concealer brush that I used, and I pat it down,” said Yadim. “I do that until I feel like they kind of blend in to everything. So they’re noticeable, but not obvious.”