Jawbox TV reunion may spark tour

Bassist said group could potentially record new material

As Washington, D.C., post-punk band Jawbox prepares for its first live appearance in 12 years Dec. 8 on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," the group isn't ruling out the possibility of recording new material and touring, according to Jawbox bassist Kim Coletta.

"I'd love to," Coletta tells Billboard. "It would be the coolest thing in the world."

Jawbox - whose members include Coletta, guitarist/vocalist J. Robbins, guitarist Bill barbot and drummer Zach Barocas -- disbanded in the late '90s. But the band is reuniting on "Jimmy Fallon" to promote the reissue of its 1994 album, "For Your Own Special Sweetheart," which will be released Nov. 24 through a partnership between DeSoto Records and Dischord Records. The set will be remastered for CD and vinyl and include three additional tracks from the "Savory +3" EP, which was also released by Atlantic Records in 1994.

Prior to being signed to Atlantic in the mid-'90s, Jawbox released its early material on D.C.-based independent punk label Dischord Records. Coletta says that Dischord approached the band with the idea to reissue "For Your Own Special Sweetheart," but the one of the main reasons for the re-release is because the group was never fully satisfied with the original sound of the album.

"We're really proud of that record, but there's a lot of low-end," she says. "So we're really pleased with the way it sounds now -- it's just a much better sounding record."

Coletta says the Jawbox's "Jimmy Fallon" performance will be "a safe way of seeing if it's still fun to play together, or get back together. It's an easy way to test the waters. I can't say whether it's going to lead to a full-length show or any touring, but we'll see. We're taking it one step at a time."

Meanwhile, Coletta, who also founded DeSoto Records, has started a charity fund for Robbins' 3-year-old son Callum, who was born with spinal muscular atrophy. Jawbox fans can donate to the fund through a PayPal link on desotorecords.com.