Jay and Silent Bob Encourage Election Day Participation

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - PhotoFest - H 2020 - 1604353089

Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) in 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' (2019).

The iconic fictional duo take a guess at how other fictional characters would vote.

Jay and Silent Bob are among the famous faces trying to get would-be voters to the polls.

In a video posted Monday by creator (and Bob) Kevin Smith, the iconic duo make it clear they support the Biden-Harris ticket and take guesses at other characters who feel the same way.

"Jay and Silent Bob are not famous: They’re fictional. So they believe they know how other fictional characters would vote. And they are here to speculate for us, as well as remind you to #VOTE tomorrow! You have more rights than a fictional character. Use your voice and vote!" Smith wrote along with the video.

As for the characters, one is Batman. "Yes, he is a billionaire. But he is an actual billionaire, so we think he would like those tax cuts. But we know he doesn't like Jokers," Jason Mewes' Jay says.

Another character mentioned is Wonder Woman, to which Jay says she is supporting "whoever doesn't want to control her uterus."

A few more characters are mentioned before the duo march off waving American flags.

Watch the video below.