Jay Leno hasn't spoken to Conan O'Brien

Host tells Oprah Winfrey 'it didn't seem appropriate'

CHICAGO -- Jay Leno tells Oprah Winfrey that he hasn't spoken to Conan O'Brien throughout the recent contentious negotiations over "The Tonight Show."

In quotes provided Wednesday by Harpo Prods., Leno tells Winfrey that "it didn't seem appropriate" to speak to O'Brien. But Leno said the two comedians might talk when "things cool down."

NBC unseated O'Brien and moved Leno back to the program he had hosted for 17 years. Leno is scheduled to return to "Tonight" on March 1.

In a video previewing "The Oprah Winfrey Show" interview, Leno says: "This whole thing was a huge mess."

Leno's interview is slated to air Thursday.

Harpo Prods. made an offer for O'Brien to appear on her show, but it hasn't been confirmed.