Jay Mohr Trades Blows With PETA Over Dez Bryant's Monkey

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Jay Mohr

"Can't you reasonably assume a monkey owned by a millionaire is being treated ethically?"

Jay Mohr has Dez Bryant's back. Or maybe he has his monkey's back.

The Jerry Maguire actor and sports radio personality got into it with PETA on Monday after the  animal right's advocacy group demanded that the Dallas Cowboys' star wide receiver relinquish the monkey he recently purchased. 

Bryant posted a picture of the animal over social media last week.


My new best friend.... Dallas Bryant world #throwupthex

A photo posted by Dez Bryant (@dezbryant) on

On Monday, PETA demanded the animal be set free in a sanctuary and said it requested law enforcement to look into the matter.

“Monkeys belong in the wild — not in the hands of football players who acquire exotic animals just to make a splash on Instagram,” Brittany Peet, PETA deputy director of captive animal law enforcement, said in a statement. “This baby capuchin was torn away from his mother shortly after birth and needs special care that can now only be provided by wildlife experts who will be able to ensure that he gets the love and attention he deserves.”

Mohr jumped into the conversation later in the day and proceeded to go back and forth with PETA about whether it was fair for the animal to live in captivity. 

PETA hit right back.

And so it went.

In a now deleted tweet, Mohr said he did "make my monthly donation" to The Los Angeles food bank.

Later, Mohr said he was glad PETA existed.

Bryant has yet to weigh in on the monkey controversy.