Jay Rasulo to Remain With Disney as Adviser to Bob Iger

AP Images
Jay Rasulo

Disney said that Rasulo's bonus opportunity as Iger's adviser is also the same as it had been as CFO.

Jay Rasulo, who is stepping down as CFO of Walt Disney on June 30, will remain with the company as an adviser to CEO Bob Iger and draw the same salary as he would have had he remained CFO, the conglomerate said in a regulatory filing on Friday.

Rasulo has been with Disney since 1986. In that time, he has been chairman of Parks and Resorts, CEO of Euro Disney and head of Disney Regional Entertainment.

The executive was passed over for COO — and presumably heir apparent to Iger — when Disney instead promoted Thomas Staggs to the position. Rasulo's planned resignation from CFO came months after that.

In Friday's SEC filing, Disney said that Rasulo's bonus opportunity as Iger's adviser is also the same as it had been as CFO. In 2014, Rasulo earned $16.2 million, up from $10.7 million a year earlier.