J:Com continues subscriber growth

Modest gains in cable, more for telephone

TOKYO -- Japan’s biggest cable and multi-systems operator, Jupiter Telecom, continues to add subscribers and increase its digital penetration. Total customers for its cable, telephone and internet services were up 3.8% in July compared with the previous year, and digital coverage has now reached 97%, up from 86%.
J:COM added 122,000 subscribers to its three services over the last year, for a total of 3.35 million across its 23 affiliate provider companies. Cable subscriber growth has been slower, up 1.4% to just over 2.6 million, while telephone subscriptions have shown the strongest growth, up 11.5% to just over 1.68 million.
The most popular channel is Animax (anime), followed by KBS (Korean dramas), while the most watched foreign programming channel is Fox, according to a J:COM spokesperson.
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