J:Com to offer 3D content VOD by April

Cable company also reports reasonable growth in 2009

TOKYO – Further details of 3D programming from cable TV company Jupiter Telecommunications are emerging, with VOD content expected to be available by April.

The nation’s biggest cable network is planning to have movies, sports and music programming delivered by its current channel providers and outside production companies.

Programming contents, prices and other details are due to be released at the end of the month, a company spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter.

J:COM announced on Tuesday that its subscriber base had grown to 3.275 million last year, up 3.4% on 2008. About half of these customers have set-top boxes that can receive 3D programming, though they will also need 3D-enabled TVs and glasses to watch programs.

The company hopes to use the 3D content to help grow its VOD sales to 5 billion yen ($55 million) this year, from 3 billion yen in 2009.
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