J:Com to Port Content to Mobile Devices

Leading Telecom Provider Offering In-Home Portability, Then Full Mobile

Japan-listed Jupiter Telecommunications Co. plans to allow customers to watch cable television programs on various electronic devices, including smartphones, for no additional charge starting around 2011, the company said Thursday in a statement.

J:COM anticipates that users will be able to view content on mobile devices, personal computers and household TVs that are not connected to its cable network.

The company will initially launch a service in which customers can record TV programs on their cable converter boxes and transmit them within their homes via Wi-Fi networks. Through this setup, they will be able to watch shows on mobile devices or televisions in other rooms.

Eventually, J:COM intends to make it possible for users to watch recorded shows outdoors on their mobile phones and PCs, in addition to receiving content directly through an on-demand service.

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