J:Com Subscriptions Up Year-on-Year

Japan's Largest Multi-System Operator Maintains Growth

TOKYO – Jupiter Telecom, the country’s biggest cable and multi-systems operator, is maintaining its growth in subscribers, while digital penetration has reached 99%.

J:COM added a total of 347,200 customers in the year to September for its cable, telephone and Internet services, for a total of 6.21 million revenue generating units. Growth in cable subscribers has been the slowest out of the three services, adding 44,000 customers, up 1.7% to a total of 2.63 million.

Liberty Global sold its 37.8% of J:COM to KDDI for $4 billion early this year, giving the domestic telecom company a controlling stake and access to its subscriber base.

Next month KDDI will offer a movie, “Rab-com” (romantic-comedy,) from its mobile “Lismo” platform through J:COM’s On Demand service, the first in what is expected to be a series of tie-ups. KDDI subsidiary “au” is Japan’s second largest wireless network.