Jean Paul Gaultier Unveils Jewelry Collection

Jean Paul Gaultier - H 2015
AP Images

Jean Paul Gaultier - H 2015

During Paris Couture Week, the designer revealed his new collaboration with Swarovski that, well, rocks.

He called it quits for his ready-to-wear designs last year, but legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier is far from finished.

After he held a triumphant couture catwalk show, with Naomi Campbell closing the show dressed as a bouquet of flowers, the designer celebrated with a cocktail party in Paris' swanky 16th arrondissement.

With an eye on the Eiffel as the tower sparkled on the hour, Gaultier unveiled his new jewelry collaboration with Swarovski, all large chunky stones in heavy metals. It's called Kaput, but the designer tells Pret-a-Porter that he’s just getting started.

"It was truly fun for me to do this collaboration and to create a special stone. It was the first time I created a stone. I wanted it to be completely different — broken and rough yet sophisticated," he said. "Each piece uses all the different faces of the stones, some are opaque and some are shining, some transparent and some dark. It’s a bit cubist."

Though he said he stepped away from ready-to-wear to concentrate on craft — four collections a year was creatively draining — he plans to continue developing the line.

It makes perfect sense since Swarovski has been providing much of the sparkle for his shows for years, but it’s the first time they have collaborated on a collection.

As for 'Kaput,' the French Gaultier took what he said is the German meaning. “No, no, not kaput, not like that!” he laughed. "In German it means broken or something you cannot use. But I should say it’s the stone itself. You can do so many things with it, it’s like a shock. I love the effect of it with metal, and you can feel the elements of the crystal in a different way."

The collaboration, he says, is definitely not finished — the two will be joining forces for more pieces to debut in July.