Jean-Pierre Dardenne to Preside Over Festival de Cannes Cinefondation and Short Films Jury


The Belgian filmmaker and festival veteran will separate from his co-directing brother Luc to join fellow jurors Arsinee Khanjian, Karim Ainouz, Emmanuel Carrere and Yu Lik-Wai.

PARIS - Festival de Cannes vet Jean-Pierre Dardenne will preside over the Cinefondation and short films jury, fest organizers announced on Wednesday.

The Belgian director, screenwriter and producer will fly solo this year after gracing the Palais red carpet steps several times with his brother and co-director Luc. The Dardenne brothers have won the coveted Palme d’Or twice – in 1999 for Rosetta then in 2005 for The Child. They also won the fest’s prize for Best Screenplay in 2008 for Lorna’s Silence and entered the 2011 competition with The Kid with a Bike.

Also joining Dardenne for the jury will be Canadian actress Arsinee Khanjian, Brazilian director and screenwriter Karim Ainouz, French writer, screenwriter and director Emmanuel Carrere and Chinese director and cinematographer Yu Lik-Wai. The Cinefondation jury will present their awards to the winning directors from film schools across the globe at a ceremony on May 25 in Cannes followed by a screening of the films.

The jury will also bestow their Short Film Palme d’Or prize during the fest’s closing ceremonies on Sunday, May 27. This year’s Festival de Cannes runs May 16 – 27. 

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