Fox News Analyst Jedediah Bila Defends Roger Ailes on 'The View'

Fox News Analyst Jedediah Bila Defends Roger Ailes on The View - H 2016
Courtesy of YouTube/The View

Joy Behar also shared her thoughts on the Fox News CEO just hours after Bret Baier defended Ailes on Stephen Colbert's 'The Late Show.'

Another Fox News employee is going on the record defending Roger Ailes in the wake of former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson's sexual harassment lawsuit against her ex-boss.

Analyst and co-host Jedediah Bila took a minute on Wednesday's episode of The View to praise the Fox News CEO, calling Ailes her "favorite person in the building."

"He's been professional with me. He's been helpful," said Bila, who was guest co-hosting the ABC talk show. "If I have a problem and I can't get anyone in the building to see me, I beg to see him and I walk in and he sits down and he says, 'How can I help you?' That's the kind of relationship I've had with him. I've never seen anything personally inappropriate at all. If anything, he's dad-ish with me, like, 'Try to work harder at this.' He gives good advice."

The View co-host Joy Behar also praised Ailes, but argued that Carlson and the other women accusing him of sexual harassment should get a chance to argue their case.

"I know Roger. Roger interviewed me. I've always liked him also," said Behar. "But Gretchen Carlson needs a day in court also, as do these other women. It's the same as Bill Cosby. Let's hear from both sides."

When Behar suggested that Ailes could be both "paternal and also guilty of being a sexual harasser," Bila said, "I haven't seen it."

And she suggested that people are sticking up for Ailes because he has been a champion for them.

"I was nobody. I was a teacher at a private school in New York City and this man gave me a voice and I'm grateful for that and I think a lot of people feel that way," said Bila.

On Tuesday night, male Fox News anchor Bret Baier defended Ailes during an interview with The Late Show's Stephen Colbert.

"I've worked there 19 years. The Roger I know is somebody who's been amazing to me, amazing to a lot of people at Fox who've come out publicly and privately supporting him," Baier told Colbert. "He's been fantastic to my family. He was one of the first people who called when my son had open heart surgery, not once but three times. That's the Roger I know. So these headlines are foreign to me."

Baier went on to insist that he and his Fox News colleagues are focused on the big political events coming up including the conventions and the presidential candidates' announcements of their running mates.