Jeff Bezos Sells Another $1 Billion in Amazon Shares

Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

With the new stock sale, the mogul has sold nearly $3 billion in stock over the past week.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold 531,000 shares in the company on Thursday and Friday, valued at just shy of $1 billion, according to filings submitted Monday with the SEC.

Bezos also sold about $1.8 billion worth of stock in the final three days of July, bringing the seven-day sale total to $2.8 billion. Those sales were reported to the SEC last week. In aggregate, the sales are among the largest in recent memory. The exec sold about $2 billion in Amazon stock in 2017, split between multiple transactions in May and November of that year.

It is not immediately clear what Bezos intends to do with the earnings, though he has previously said that he plans to invest around $1 billion per year into his Blue Origin spaceflight services company.

Bezos finalized his divorce with ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos last week, leaving him with a 12 percent stake in the company and MacKenzie with a four percent stake. Even after his most recent stock sales, he still holds more than 57 million shares of Amazon stock, according to the SEC filings.

The filings also show that Bezos donated $500,000 worth of shares to an unidentified not-for-profit.