Jeff Bridges On the Death of David Huddleston: "Long Live the Big Lebowski"

"It was wonderful playin’ with you David."

Jeff Bridges will always be tied to David Huddleston.

The two men played the title characters in the Coen brothers' (cultural phenomenon) The Big Lebowski.

Huddleston played the seemingly wealthy businessman who shared the last name as Bridge's hippie, known simply by all as "the dude." 

Huddleston died Tuesday. He was 85. 

Bridges told The Hollywood Reporter he will miss his friend, "a wonderful actor."

"I had the pleasure of working with him twice, in Bad Company and in The Big Lebowski," Bridges said in a statement to THR he titled "The Big Lebowski is dead — long live the Big Lebowski."

"David approached his work with a joy that turned the work into fun," Bridges said. "It was wonderful playin’ with you David."