Jeff Bridges: "I'm a Product of Nepotism, That's How I Got Into It" | Actor Oscar Roundtable

"I resisted [acting] for a long time, maybe 10 or 12 movies in."

"It was hot," Oscar winner (Crazy Heart) Jeff Bridges told The Hollywood Reporter during the Actor Roundtable in regards to the shoot for his film Hell or High Water. "The hot or cold, it stimulates your acting, it kind of plugs you into the place you're in. That actually kind of helps."

"It's often a challenge when you're acting -- you just met and you're supposed to give the illusion that you've known each other for years and years," said Bridges. "Many actors, that's a challenge for us all, so we know we got to get in it quick, man. One way to do that is through music."

Bridges said he often plays music with his co-stars in order to get to know them quickly and intimately. "It's all about harmonizing, singing together, making music together. That's what making movies is all about."

Bridges noted "jamming with all these different artists" as his favorite thing about acting.

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