Jeff Bridges Performs Song Considered for 'Crazy Heart' on 'Today' (Video)

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The Oscar-winning actor talks about his new album of "Bad Blake songs" and the possibility of winning Grammy Awards.

Not only is Jeff Bridges an Oscar-winning actor, but he's also a musician.

It's appropriate then that on Tuesday morning, Bridges -- who starred in Crazy Heart as a washed-up country star with actress Maggie Gyllenhaal -- appeared on the Today show in New York City to perform a song off his new album, "What a Little Bit of Love Can Do." The album is in stores Tuesday.

Bridges and his band performed the song, which was co-written by Stephen Bruton, who used to collaborate with Kris Kristofferson, and the thespian told Today co-host Matt Lauer that it was in contention for use in Crazy Heart.

"I don't know about a bucket list. I've been doing my thing since my teens until now," Bridges told Lauer before his performance when asked whether this was something he had on a bucket list. "It's nothing that I really have to put in a bucket or anything."

But would people who listen to the album think that it's just a compilation of Bad Blake songs (his character in Crazy Heart)?

"I'll give them a 50 percent correct on that," Bridges compromised.

Bridges, who just finished performing at Austin City Limits among other festivals, contends that he and his band will continue touring in support of the album -- and that winning Grammy Awards aren't on his mind.

Bridges signed a record deal with Blue Note Records earlier this year.

Watch the performance below:

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