Jeff Bridges Reveals What He Loved Most About Father Lloyd

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As Father's Day approaches, the actor reflects on his late dad's love of showbiz and what he learned from the star, who died in 1998.

This story first appeared in the June 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Unlike a lot of actors, my father [Lloyd Bridges, who died in 1998] encouraged his kids to go into showbiz. He loved all the aspects of show business: knowing the crews, the traveling, the adventures you get involved in. He reveled in everything from the actual work to signing autographs and doing interviews. I think that's something I learned from him. It wasn't something he said. It was the way he went about living his life in show business. 

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I remember working with him as a kid on Sea Hunt [a 1958 syndicated series in which Lloyd played a scuba diver] and whenever he came on the set you could see he was having a good time. It made for an easy-going atmosphere. And when you relax, you tend to do your best work. He was so good on Sea Hunt that it was almost a double-edged thing. I think he would have liked to have done more Westerns and other things, but his image was tied in with scuba diving. As a kid, I remember he'd put baby oil on himself and bake. You don't see that much anymore.