Jeff Daniels and Peter Sarsgaard on Whether They'd Work With Woody Allen Again

Courtesy of MSNBC

Both actors said they believe Dylan Farrow's accusations against the director.

In an appearance on Chuck Todd's MSNBC show, Meet the Press Daily, actors Jeff Daniels and Peter Sarsgaard — both starring in Hulu's upcoming The Looming Tower — addressed Dylan Farrow's abuse allegations against Woody Allen, whom both actors have previously worked with.

"I mean, I believe people when they say — you know, I was assaulted or I was molested or something like that, because I don't think you really have any other choice," Sarsgaard said. "Because if we start not believing people, it's a slippery slope."

Daniels was more straightforward, saying "I believe Dylan Farrow."

Sarsgaard appeared in Allen's Blue Jasmine in 2013, and Daniels was in the 1985 Purple Rose of Cairo.

When asked whether they'd work with Allen again, Sarsgaard said no, while Daniels said it would be a "difficult decision."

"That one's hard. It's a difficult decision because of Purple Rose of Cairo," Daniels said. "That movie will always be a great experience, a great movie for me. And he will always be a great American filmmaker, and I got to work with him at the age of 30 and it changed my life."

The two also discussed the #MeToo movement, with Daniels saying he's "absolutely fully supportive."