Watch Jeff Daniels Simultaneously Play 'Newsroom,' 'Dumb & Dumber' Characters

Jeff Daniels on 'The Late Late Show'

The actor put the serious Will McAvoy and the prankster Harry Dunne together in a 'Late Late Show' sketch.

Jeff Daniels has many faces.

The Steve Jobs actor played two of his most memorable characters in a sketch on Tuesday's Late Late Night, first seriously interviewing James Corden as the suited and sleek Will McAvoy of The Newsroom.

However, Corden's chat with the anchor character of the HBO drama series is interrupted by a new production assistant on set: Harry Dunne of Dumb & Dumber. Daniels, with his messy hair and wearing a sloppy hoodie and tee, is then seen struggling with a boom mic and a selfie stick, and confusing Corden for Andy Richter.

"You are what's wrong with television today," Daniels (as Will McAvoy) scolds himself (as Harry Dunne), Newsroom style. "It used to be that you had to be skilled, hard-working to make it in TV, but not anymore. ...  But TV can be great again, with strong voices who don't need to shout to be hard. We can make it great again. That is our duty."

Daniels, as Harry Dunne, then laughs with Corden, "You said doody."

Watch the video below.