Jeff Goldblum Disses James Corden, 'Cats' and "Crosswalk the Musical" During "Drop the Mic"

THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN - Jeff Goldblum performs a sketch July 29 2019  - Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Cliff Lipson/CBS

"I saw the 'Cats' trailer and quickly noticed you/ You were the weirdest part of it and that's hard to do," the actor rapped during the game on Monday's episode of 'The Late Late Show.'

Jeff Goldblum dissed James Corden's involvement in the Cats trailer, "Crosswalk the Musical," Gavin & Stacey and more during Monday's episode of The Late Late Show when he joined the host for a game of "Drop the Mic," which had the two players rapping disses at each other.

Once the two competitors made their way to the stage, Corden asked Goldblum if he was ready. "I'm so ready to eat your lunch and drink your milkshake," said Goldblum. "They're gonna call you Corden bleu."

The host responded by stating that he would joke with him about almost anything, including sports, politics and sex. "If you ever joke about stealing my fucking lunch again, I will finish you," he said.

Corden began his rap by noting Goldblum's status as a legendary actor "if you like overacting from a guy who talks weird." He then criticized Goldblum's style and said that he looked like he shopped exclusively at a thrift store.

"You're perfect for a movie where they need someone cheesy/ And can use a Ted Danson who is much more creepy," Corden continued. "When they first cast you as the lead in The Fly / They thought, 'Repulsive, gross creature. I know just the guy.'"

Goldblum began his rap roasting Corden by poking fun at the Cats trailer. "I saw the Cats trailer and quickly noticed you/ You were the weirdest part of it and that's hard to do," he rapped. "Seeing you as a cat was completely unnerving / But how you look in real life is somehow more disturbing."

The actor next suggested that Americans send Corden back to Britain. "Why'd we trade Meghan Markle for something like this?" he continued. "And you're a father / I'm shocked you get laid."

For Corden's second round, the host noted that Goldblum's role in a jazz band somehow makes the genre "more white."

"Your role in the movie Thor, you should be ashamed / You're the only Marvel character not in Endgame," rapped Corden. The host continued his disses at Goldblum by stating that he looked like "Nick Kroll made a wish to be big" and that his wife being a gymnast is for the "best 'cause finding you attractive must really be a stretch."

Goldblum used a similar tactic in his next round when he told Corden that he looked "like Andy Richter ate Conan O'Brien." He continued, "And you host the Tonys for actors who sing, which is funny because you suck at both those things."

"'Crosswalk the Musical' makes you a star/ Because people tune in to hope you're hit by a car," the actor rapped. "When you were born, I was already 25/ Which means I've been a sex symbol longer than you've been alive."

For Corden's final round, he kicked off his rap by stating that Goldblum is not a true thespian because he has been in commercials for

"Your role in Jurassic Park was easy, I bet/ Since you're so old you had a dinosaur as a pet," he continued. Corden also said that Goldblum ruined every Wes Anderson movie, "though it appears that you leave the set with all of his clothes."

"The fact you're still popular is just crazy/ And proof they'll bring back any shit from the '80s," concluded Corden. The host pretended to swing a bat before he and Goldblum lifted their hands above their eyes to admire the imaginary home run.

Goldblum wrapped up the game by sharing that he saw Corden in Ocean's 8, which "starred eight awesome women and one giant bitch."

"Julia Roberts was snubbed for an Emmy this year/ But you're nominated for seven/ Sure, that seems fair," he continued to rap. "Gavin & Stacey is back just so fans can view it as a Christmas special/ Well, thank God I'm Jewish."

"I'm done with you, James/ What more can I say?" he said. "Hey, I just killed an alien/ Hey, that's in Independence Day." The actor then struck a pose to conclude the rap.

Watch the full game of "Drop the Mic" below.