Hear Jeff Goldblum's Sweet 'Jurassic Park' Serenade

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Karaoke with Dr. Ian Malcolm

Jeff Goldblum sure does know how to charm an audience, and he did a wonderful job while appearing on yesterday's Late Night With Seth Meyers. Goldblum belted out a few lines of a revised version of the Jurassic Park theme song, and then he led the audience in an adorable sing-along.

"In Jurassic Park — scary in the dark — I'm so scared that I'll be eaten," sings Goldblum, after revealing he found the lyrics online. (Can't you just see Goldblum searching for random Jurassic Park theme song rewrites on YouTube? I mean, the man was in a T. rex wedding photo.)

Watch as Goldblum does a great job with the song — not a stutter to be heard.