Jeff Goldblum Granted Stay-Away Order From Stalker

Jeff Goldblum - P 2012
Frazer Harrison

A woman who has allegedly harassed the actor for the past decade must now stay at least 100 yards away from him.

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled in favor of Jeff Goldblum on Tuesday, ordering a woman who has repeatedly attempted to contact the actor for the past decade to stay away from him for the next three years.

The order was issued against Linda Ransom during a hostile hearing where, according to the Associated Press, Ransom repeatedly raised her voice to the judge. Ransom claimed that she has been pursuing a case against one of the actor’s employees, but Judge Carol Boas Goodson insisted that it did not give her the right to go to the actor’s home and try to meet him in public settings.

“Mr. Goldblum is being harassed because the legal system is negligently violating my rights,” Ransom insisted. She claimed that one of Goldblum’s employees attacked her and that she wanted to file a case, but she was unable to find any attorney willing to represent her.

“This harassment is going to stop,” the judge told Ransom before ordering that she stay 100 yards away from Goldblum and his home, as well as refraining from contacting him for the next three years. While the terms were explained, Ransom reportedly continued to yell.

“I must say you are acting irrationally in court,” said Goodson. “Mr. Goldblum does not want you near him.”

Goldblum’s attorneys did not say a word during the proceedings, with the judge relying solely on declarations from Goldblum, police and security officials describing Ransom’s recent conduct. In Goldblum’s petition, filed in May, the Jurassic Park star wrote: “Over the past decade, I have experienced substantial emotional distress due to Ms. Ransom’s continuous stalking, harassing and threatening behavior.”  

Goldblum’s filings also stated that Ransom had been arrested three times prior for violating restraining orders and has previously been placed in psychiatric care.