One Hour With London's Jeff Goldblum Statue: Weddings, TV Crews and Aubrey Plaza

Jeff Goldblum Statue - Getty H - 2018
Credit: John Phillips / Getty

The city's hottest new attraction pulled in huge crowds — and at least one Hollywood star — on its second day.

Less than a week after Donald Trump sparked some of the biggest street protests in recent memory, fickle Londoners appear to have swiftly shifted their focus onto a visit from another much memed U.S. figure. This time, however, the response has been rather less expletive-filled.

Since it "appeared" on the banks of the Thames on a patch of grass near Tower Bridge on Wednesday, the giant 25-foot statue of "sexy" Jeff Goldblum in his iconic, open-shirted, smoldering pose from Jurassic Park has become a must-visit destination for tourists and locals (one person on Twitter labelled it London's "best attraction").

It's not clear what sort of attention U.K. streaming service NowTV was expecting with the 331-pound installation, erected to celebrate 25 years since the release of Steven Spielberg's dinosaur classic. But given the column inches generated from all over the world, a marketing manager somewhere is likely to be getting a pat on the back.

Additional cheers no doubt came when Goldblum himself — who The Hollywood Reporter understands knew nothing of an effigy being made in his likeness — took to Instagram to declare the statue worthy of "10/10 GOLDBLUMS!"

A day later, interest in the statue had anything but diminished, with even a Hollywood star among those descending to show their appreciation.

During the hour that THR spent working beside Sexy Jeff Goldblum (branded deck chairs had thoughtfully been arranged), the creation was proving to still be an irresistible draw for hundreds of photos and selfies, many people adopting the same classic reclining pose (with shirts buttoned up).

Almost all visitors kept respectfully outside the red velvet rope put in place to keep Goldblum safe (THR was told that security guards had been on hand overnight to ensure he didn't fall victim to graffiti artists and vandals). However, security couldn't stop a small child breaking free on Wednesday, jumping onto the statue and snapping off a small corner of the famed open shirt, which was hastily glued back on.

As such, Now TV reps were encouraging TV news reporters (and THR journalists) given special permission to get up close and personal with Goldblum to not get too carried away.

"Don't dive, don't sit, just stroke … maybe his nipple," urged one. The reporter duly obliged.

Also spotted on the scene was a newly married twosome — in full wedding attire having their official photos taken. The angle of the camera may have suggested they were doing anything possible to avoid having Goldblum in shot, but THR was told that the day before a lucky couple had fully embraced the opportunity for a "sexy" photobomb with noted "chaos theorist" mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm.

But perhaps the most elaborate piece of Sexy Jeff Goldblum interaction THR witnessed came from Parks and Recreation and Ingrid Goes West star Aubrey Plaza.

The actress — who also took part in last week's rally against Trump and even posted a photo of herself with the famed Trump Baby blimp in the background — turned up without any fanfare but used her powers of persuasion to not just get behind the velvet barrier, but even rope one of the reps into some amateur dramatics.

Over a couple of takes shot on a phone (and surely destined for social media soon), the two acted out a scene in which Plaza was apprehended while lovingly embracing the statue and chased away by security.

Despite reports that Sexy Jeff Goldblum would be in place for a week, it's set to be removed on Thursday evening. But where it ends up next is still yet to be decided. Reps revealed that there had — obviously — been quite a bit of interest in the statue, with organizers of a Comic-Con event in the U.K. city of Manchester reportedly having made inquiries.

Said one rep: "The woman who helped arrange this is actually getting married at the moment, so we were thinking of giving it to her as a wedding gift."