Jeff Goldblum Urges Phone Banking for the "Most Important Election in the History of the Human Story"

Jeff Goldblum - Getty - H 2020

The 'What If...?' star joined Swing Left's Call-o-Ween event, which enlisted volunteers to call voters in Arizona on Friday evening.

Jeff Goldblum urged on left-leaning volunteers to phone bank on Friday by telling them that the 2020 race is "the most important election in the history of the human story."

The What If...? star made the remarks during Swing Left's Call-o-Ween event, which enlisted volunteers to call voters in Arizona on Friday evening while Goldblum, the cast and creators of The Craft: Legacy and American Horror Story and others provided entertainment. With efforts from phone-banking volunteers, the progressive group hopes to flip Senator Martha McSally's seat, win electoral college votes and bring a larger Democratic presence to the state government.

During his appearance, Goldblum further thanked the volunteers spending their Fridays on the phone with Arizona voters. "We must do what we can, and thank goodness. I say thank you, I say color me grateful, because if any of us wanted our lives, our endeavors to make a difference, this is a good fight, it's perhaps the best fight," he said.

Booksmart star Beanie Feldstein also showed up to carve a pumpkin during the event, which, over the course of the evening, turned out to be molded in the shape of Donald Trump's face. "No, I am not going to smash it, I am not going to hurt. I'm just going to laugh at it" on Election Day, Feldstein said of her creation.

2 Broke Girls creator Whitney Cummings, meanwhile, showed up to demonstrate how viewers could craft a politically-themed Halloween costume — the fly that landed on vice president Mike Pence's head during his October debate with Sen. Kamala Harris — on the cheap. She wore an all-black outfit, crafted tin foil  into wings and glued black bubble wrap onto a pair of panties to create the fly's head.

Next, The Craft: Legacy and American Horror Story collaborators including Billy Eichner, Sarah Paulson, Leslie Grossman, John Carroll Lynch, Gabourey Sidibe, Finn Whitrock, David Duchovny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, Zoey Luna and Cailee Spaeny played political and Halloween-themed trivia. One question, for instance: "Which monster attempted to strip Americans of access to affordable healthcare eight times for by voting to defund Planned Parenthood? a) Arizona Senator Martha McSally, b) Anabelle or c) Judge Amy Coney Barrett." (Whitrock correctly guessed the answer was McSally.)

Another question, "Which monster and Georgia native repeatedly tried to bring harm to our planet by trying to roll back environmental protections?" a) A zombie from The Walking Dead b) Gov. Brian Kemp or c) Senator David Perdue," was answered incorrectly by Sidibe: She believed the answer was Kemp, when in fact it was Perdue.