Jeff Ivers Joins MovieCoin as COO (Exclusive)

Jeff Ivers - Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of MovieCoin

The company will allow investors to use cryptocurrency to finance feature films, television and other entertainment.

Jeff Ivers has joined feature finance company MovieCoin as chief operating officer.

The former coo of Particpant Media will oversee the day-to-day operations of the new financing platform built on blockchain technology that allows global investors the opportunity to finance major motion pictures through cryptographic tokens.

Ivers will report to MovieCoin’s chairman and CEO, Christopher Woodrow.

“The company’s application for tokenization of entertainment assets and blockchain implementation is an unprecedented opportunity to hugely impact motion picture and television financing, production, reporting and cash flow management. I look forward to helping build the business and addressing many industry challenges along the way," said Ivers.

Added Woodrow: "What set Jeff apart is his unique blend of c-suite experience, profound operational and financial acumen and deep understanding of our industry. He is a strategist who has successfully served studios and independents in both production and distribution."

During his time at Participant, Ivers helped to negotiate investments for over 70 films, including award winners Spotlight, Lincoln and The Help. Prior to Participant, Ivers held various finance posts at MGM/UA Home Entertainment, Motion Picture Corporation of America and Orion Pictures.