Jeff Sagansky, Jean-Luc De Fanti to Head New $250 Million Fund

Media conglomerate Kadokawa and distributor Toho-Towa are investing in the fund, which aims to back major U.S. studio fare.

TOKYO -- Media conglomerate Kadokawa and distrubutor Toho-Towa are investing in a new $250 million fund -- to be headed by Jeff Sagansky and Jean-Luc De Fanti -- that aims to back major U.S. studio fare.

The fund, to be known as Hemisphere Motion Picture Partners, also has Singapore's RGM Media providing financing, and plans to raise $400 million for up to 10 films over the next four years.

Kadokawa recently announced the merging of its film and publishing businesses, and has been looking to expand its overseas activities.

Toho-Towa is the subsidiary of production and distribution giant Toho that handles the release of major imported movies in Japan.

Sagansky and De Fanti invest in film and TV projects through their Winchester Capital Management company.

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