Jeff Zucker Memo: CNN Values More Important Than Ever

Jeff Zucker Headshot - P 2012
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Jeff Zucker Headshot - P 2012

The incoming president of the cable news network says in his first memo to the staff he is committed to CNN’s core mission.

In his first communication with the entire staff of CNN, Jeff Zucker says he and (Turner Broadcasting CEO) Phil Kent are committed to “maintaining CNN’s core mission” and values which he believes are “more distinct and important than ever in today’s media landscape.”

Zucker says while he doesn’t officially start as president of CNN’s worldwide news operations until mid-January, he will meet with employees and travel to see facilities and newsrooms in the weeks leading up to his arrival.

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He will be based in New York City, unlike other recent presidents of CNN who for the most part were based at the headquarters in Atlanta, where the cable news network was founded by Ted Turner in 1980.

Zucker also plans to give up his ownership stake in the syndicated TV show Katie, starring Katie Couric, according to a report Friday in the New York Post. He will do so to avoid any conflict of interest, the report stated.

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Here is the full text of the memo, which was first reported by Politico’s Dylan Byers, who said he got it from someone at CNN.

With Thursday’s announcement behind us, I wanted to communicate directly with you to say how excited I am to be part of CNN’s future. I have long been a consumer and admirer of CNN’s journalism. And I see endless potential for CNN across all of its platforms. As Phil Kent and I said yesterday, we are committed to maintaining CNN’s core mission. In fact, in my mind, CNN's values are more distinct and more important than ever in today's media landscape.

At the same time, we will have to continue to evolve. I don’t have all the answers. No one does. But I hope that we can challenge each other to think even more broadly about what CNN is and can be, and to enhance this truly special and powerful brand. The opportunities are limitless.

It is a great honor to join you on this journey. I look forward to getting to know the organization and the great people who work here.

Officially, I will begin work in late January, but I’ll start diving in soon. I’ll be travelling to meet with many of you in the weeks ahead. I can’t wait. Until then, thanks for the already warm welcome.