Jeff Zucker's 14-Year-Old Son Joins Board of Cory Booker Start-Up

Cory Booker Headshot - P 2011
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Cory Booker Headshot - P 2011

The Newark mayor enlists the teenager to consult on how to reach a younger audience with his new social media effort, Waywire.

Like father, like son.

Andrew Zucker, the 14-year-old son of CNN topper Jeff Zucker, has been appointed to the advisory board of Newark, New Jersey, mayor Cory Booker's social media side project. The yet-to-be-launched Waywire, which is being billed as Pinterest for video, will use the younger Zucker's reported familiarity with start-ups to appeal to teenage users.

“People described him to me as the Doogie Howser of start-ups,” Waywire co-founder Sarah Ross told The Financial Times, referring to the teenage doctor portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris. “He’s a start-up savant.”

The story notes that Andrew will be paid in options. Among his reasons for taking the gig, he noted that shorter clips are becoming a bigger focus for web content. “Micro-content is really big among my friends," said Zucker.

Booker, the face of a city of just 277,540, has 1.4 million Twitter followers. His social media presence and frequent television appearances have made him one of the more appealing politicians to younger Americans.

Waywire sees a beta launch in April.