Jeffrey Wright Developed 'Westworld' Reveal with "Subtle Hints" | Drama Actor Roundtable

Wright said 'Westworld' creator Lisa Joy stumbled over her words as she shared his character's secret with him.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from season one of Westworld.]

Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright says his character's big reveal was the culmination of some "very subtle hints."

"If you look back at previous episodes, you'll see these breadcrumbs, that were already there but were very subtle hints at where it was going," the actor tells The Hollywood Reporter during the Drama Actor Roundtable.

The hit HBO show follows an adult amusement park and the intersecting stories of its robotic "host" inhabitants, the humans who created them and park guests. The sci-fi thriller has many twists and turns, with one of the biggest being that Wright's Bernard is, in fact, a host and not a human, as viewers are initially made to believe.

However, he says viewers weren't the only ones left in the dark about Bernard's true identity. Wright says he didn't know about his character's twist until after the pilot had wrapped production. When full production began, he explains, Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy pulled him aside to explain.

Wright says Joy "stumbled around for like 30 seconds," adding, "and then she dropped it on me."

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