'Girls' Star Jemima Kirke Opens Up About 2007 Abortion (Video)

Jemima Kirke

The actress opens up about her experience seeking an abortion as a young college student in a PSA for the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Girls actress Jemima Kirke gets up close and personal in the latest PSA for the Center for Reproductive Rights.

In a newly released campaign video, Kirke shares her personal story about choosing to have an abortion in 2007 as a young college student unsure about her future with her then-boyfriend. At the time, the actress reveals, having an abortion meant keeping it a secret from her mother and emptying her checking account to cover the expenses on her own.

"I realized that if I didn't take the anesthesia, I would be able to afford to do this," Kirke recalls. "It's these obstacles and it's this stigma that makes these things not completely unavailable -- and that's the tricky part. ... We think we do have free choice and we are able to do whatever we want, but then there are these little hoops we have to jump through to get them."

She adds: "I've always felt that reproductive issues should be something that women, especially, should be able to talk about freely. ... I still see shame and embarrassment around terminating pregnancies, getting pregnant -- I still see it. So, I have always been open about my stories. I've always shared them, especially with other women."

Kirke also shares her hopes for her two daughters to be able to claim their own reproductive rights without the "political issues" still prevalent today.

"I'm already anticipating their issues with self-esteem, their issues with their body -- the whole luggage that comes with being a woman," she says. "I would love if when they're older ... that the political issues surrounding their body were not there anymore -- that they have one less thing to battle around their bodies. I would hate to see them having to fight for rights over their bodies."

The PSA is part of the Center for Reproductive Rights' Draw the Line campaign, which encourages women to share their personal stories and take a stand for reproductive rights. Other supporters of the campaign include Meryl Streep, Amy Poehler and Sarah Silverman.

Watch the video below.