How Jena Malone Helped "Sculpt" Her Character in 'Too Old to Die Young'

"I've never had so much freedom and trust from a director," the actress told In Studio of working with Nicolas Winding Refn on the Amazon Prime limited series.

Actress Jena Malone teams up with director Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, The Neon Demon, Only God Forgives) for his 10-episode, 13-hour limited series Too Old to Die Young, now streaming on Amazon Prime.

In the series, Miles Teller plays a grieving police officer whose partner gets shot, which leads him to joining hands with his partner's killer, Viggo (John Hawkes), who murders rapists, abusers and other criminals under the guidance of victims advocate, energy healer and "metaphysical crime boss" Diana (Malone).

"It's a very classic narrative genre of the underbelly of crime in Los Angeles, something that a lot of people make stories about," Malone told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio. "I think this one's a little bit different because it's not just Los Angeles, but the full palette of the California coast, including Mexico, and the activities that are happening. The underbelly but also what's coming from the top down. The enforcers, the rules, the politicians, but also people who are trying to navigate that and change things and make their own way."

This is Malone’s second project with Refn, having previously starred in 2016's The Neon Demon, and as she explained to THR, she has a very "unique relationship" with the director, saying, "One that I've never experienced in 25 years of making films."

"There's just a trust level of I really respect him as an artist and I feel free to give lots of options because I always know that he has the finest-tuned, whittling visional insight of what the story needs to be," she explained.

"I had a lot of ideas on Neon Demon, and also on Too Old to Die Young, and he's kind of allowed me to write my own material and sculpt and create and figure out timelines, and the whole design of Diana, even her name I picked," she continued. "Every element he invited me into the process, and so I was able to collaborate a character from the ground up with a beautiful team, but I've never had so much freedom and trust from a director."

Too Old to Die Young is now streaming on Amazon Prime.