The Hollywood Legacies of Jenji and David Kohan: TV "Didn't Seem Like a Pipe Dream"

Buz, Jenji and David Kohan - Photographed by Austin Hargrave - P 2017
Photographed by Austin Hargrave

From left: Buz Kohan, Jenji Kohan and David Kohan

The Emmy-winning TV storytellers and their dad, Buz, pose for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue and share that the secret to their success is "capturing a voice that existed at our dinner table and putting it into television shows."

Father Alan "Buz" Kohan and his two children Jenji and David are all noted television writers, with Emmy awards to prove it. Buz himself has 13 Emmys for various variety specials, such as The Carol Burnett Show and The 64th Annual Academy Awards, while Jenji, who is best known for her series Orange Is the New Black and Weeds, has an Emmy for Tracy Takes On…, an early variety show by Tracy Ullman. David is a award-winning writer and producer of Will & Grace.

The family sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for the Legacies issue to play a game of "Fishing for Answers," during which they shared their favorite memories with one another, their favorite Orange Is the New Black characters and the first time they were ever starstruck.

When asked what TV or movie family they are most similar to, Buz jumped in to call out, "The Barrymores!" while Jenji and David decided on The Royal Tenenbaums.

Watch the Kohans' entire video below.