Jenna Jameson Continues Political Streak With Obama Twitter Bashing

Jenna Jameson Mitt Romney Split - H 2012
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Jenna Jameson Mitt Romney Split - H 2012

The former porn star went public with her political beliefs, taking on all comers, Republican and Democrat alike.

Following her full-throated endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's tax plan, porn queen Jenna Jameson continued to make her political beliefs known.

Jameson mounted a Twitter campaign to fight against those that might dismiss her opinions given her former career, as well as battle the notion that all conservatives are anti-porn. She wrote that she longed for the days of President Ronald Reagan's tax breaks, did not believe President Obama brought troops home from Iraq, and was having trouble getting health insurance since giving birth to her twin children.

She also engaged Roots drummer and Obama supporter Questlove in a mini-debate, though the two hit an impasse.

Read a selection of her weekend political tweets below: