Jennette McCurdy Teases Second Season of Netflix's 'Between'

Prepare for distrust and discord in Pretty Lake.

Jennette McCurdy has revealed new details about the second season of Netflix and City's survivalist thriller Between.

McCurdy told The Hollywood Reporter that her character, cynical teenage mother Wiley Day, will clash with Adam (Jesse Carere) over whether escape from Pretty Lake and the mysterious disease that killed anyone over the age of 21 in the first season is possible.

"Wylie's maturity and motherhood tendencies kick in," McCurdy, best known for her child star roles in iCarly and Sam & Cat, said. With Pretty Lake running short of food and pushed to the point of lawlessness, Between in the new season's first episode will introduce a mysterious stranger, Liam Cullen (Steven Grayhm), who claims he can cure the virus plaguing the quarantined town.

"She's taking care of another life, so if there's an option to get out of Pretty Lake, that's an option she's going to take and go full-throttle toward that decision," McCurdy says of Wiley embracing Cullen's hopeful message to protect her newborn. Adam, by contrast, distrusts Cullen and his talk of a cure.

McCurdy said the tension between trust and skepticism in the upcoming season mirrors her own need to be realistic as she continues plotting her own acting career after being a Nickelodeon child star. Being realistic isn't Hollywood's strong suit, she added, especially when it comes to the absurdity of growing up in show business.

"I find there's a weird juxtaposition between the [entertainment] industry and portraying certain images and living up to certain expectations and even the idea of personal branding — and on the other side, me as a 6-year-old, in my mind, who is the realist that I've always been and wanting to make sure I'm staying true to myself," McCurdy explained.

The trick, she added, was finding a healthy balance between being successful in her career and being true to herself offscreen. "I don't want to lose myself in some attempt to be successful or do business the right way," she insisted.

Besides Between, McCurdy recently completed two movie roles, the psychological thriller Pet in which she performed opposite Dominic Monaghan, and the comedy Little Bitches, which co-stars Kiersey Clemons.

She also co-wrote and co-directed 8 Bodies, a short film with Colton Tran. The dark comedy portrays a young couple on their honeymoon who accidentally kill a man. In their efforts to conceal their tracks, they kill another seven people.

Between is produced by Don Carmody Television and Mulmur Feed Co. in association with Elevation Pictures. The Toronto-shot drama was created by Michael McGowan and is executive produced by McGowan, Don Carmody, David Cormican and Naveen Prasad.