Jenni Rivera's Posthumous Memoir Arrives This Summer

Jenni Rivera Book Cover - P 2013

Jenni Rivera Book Cover - P 2013

"Unbreakable" will be published in July by Atria Books in both Spanish and English.

Jenni Rivera, the Latin music superstar singer who died in a plane crash in December, will have her memoir published posthumously by Atria Books.

The publisher announced the deal Monday, describing Unbreakable -- slated for release in July -- as "the book Jenni had been writing for years, and it will provide an intimate look into the heart and soul of this self-made woman, who ascended to the top of the charts against all odds, becoming a legend in a completely male-dominated music category."

The book will be simultaneously published in Spanish under the title Inquebrantable.

Rivera, 43, was killed along with six others on Dec. 9 when the aircraft she was aboard crashed in northern Mexico. With news of Rivera's death, there was a massive outpouring of grief from fans while sales of her music surged; three albums climbed up Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart, ranking No. 1, 2, and 3.

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"Jenni overcame adversity after adversity, creating an ever deeper relationship with a public who loved her all the more for her heartfelt honesty, her relentless courage, and for showing them that they, too, could make it, because she was them," says Atria in the announcement. "It was the unique combination of her rare talent and an even rarer heart that made her one of the bestselling female recording artists of her generation, and someone who gave hope and a voice to women everywhere."

Rivera embraced a modern brand of celebrity, using her musical platform to expand her reach into other areas of entertainment such as TV (where she starred in mun2's reality show I Love Jenni and was a coach on Televisa's The Voice Mexico). The entrepreneurial single mother of five had also launched her own fragrance.

Her official autobiography, Unbreakable was the only book authorized by Rivera's family. The deal was negotiated by The Literary Group's Johanna Castillo and Jeff Silberman and the late singer's manager, Pete Salgado.

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