Jenni Rivera's Daughter: 'Things I Didn't Know' Revealed in Mother's Memoir

Chiquis Marin, the late singer's oldest child, revealed that she learned about her mother's sexual assault reading her memoir.

Chiquis Marin, the daughter of deceased Latino pop star Jenni Rivera, revealed on The View that there "things I didn't know" about her mother in the singer's just-released autobiography.
Unbreakable: My Story, My Way went on sale July 2. Rivera completed the book just before her December 2012 death in a plane crash in Mexico at age 43.
Chiquis Marin said she learned in the book that her mother had been raped multiple times as a young woman. 
The younger Rivera, 28, was also the victim of sexual abuse. Her father Jose Marin was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2006 for molesting her. 
Jenni Rivera had found out about the abuse in the early '90s, after divorcing Marin, but he had evaded capture until 2006.
Chiquis Marin also confessed that she hasn't been able to read the entire book yet because she found it to emotionally difficult. 
In addition to the sexual assault, Rivera also wrote about how she attempted suicide, her abusive relationship with Marin and a long-lost secret love. 
The book also chronicles her childhood in Los Angeles, the rise of her singing career and her eventual stardom that saw her sell more than 15 million records and get nominated for multiple Grammy awards. 
The book has been a bestseller, with the Spanish language version, Inquebrantable: Mi Historia, A Mi Manera, reaching the no. 2 overall spot on Amazon. 
The English-language version is no. 12 on Amazon's list.