Jennie Garth Still Deciding Between Brandon and Dylan in Old Navy's '90210' Campaign (Video)

Old Navy Screen Shot - H 2012

Old Navy Screen Shot - H 2012

The new spots reunite the actress with former co-stars Jason Priestley, Luke Perry and Gabrielle Carteris.

Bad boy Dylan McKay and a motorcycle? Or sweet-faced Brandon Walsh with a giant teddy bear? The choice is yours.

Rather, the choice is hers: Kelly Taylor is back in a new Old Navy ad that reunites the stars of the original Beverly Hills 90210

In one ad touting their new line of denim, titled "Why Choose?," actress Jennie Garth, who played Kelly on the Fox nighttime soap from 1990 to 2000, appears as "a high school teacher in great-fitting jeans."

She's presented with two "favorites" -- co-stars Luke Perry and Jason Priestley -- but ultimately settles on neither.

In a second spot for discount kids' looks, the show's two heartthrobs are back, this time paired with Gabrielle Carteris, aka Andrea Zuckerman, who still carries a not-too-subtle torch for Brandon.

This isn't their first time returning -- if winkingly -- to the show that made them famous. Garth has appeared on several seasons of The CW's spinoff, 90210, and Priestley directed one episode of the show.

The commercials are part of an ongoing Old Navy campaign that reunites the stars of hit shows from the '90s. Another spot features Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence, former siblings on NBC's Blossom, playing Chief Floral Officer and "Bee-Bot" in a psychedelically out-there pitch for spring dresses.

Watch the ads below.