Jennifer Aniston Appears Pregnant in Smartwater Viral Ad (Video)

Smart Water

Rather than posing naked (again) for the natural beverage, the actress stars in a satirical clip billed as leaked home security tapes.

Going naked is just not enough to get much attention in these transparent times. So while Jennifer Aniston has stripped several times since 2007 for her Glaceau Smartwater ads, it's gotten kind of ho-hum.

What's a girl to do? Star in an attempt at a viral video, that's what.

Sending up the never-ending rumors about a pregnancy, Aniston appears in a satirical SmartWater commercial with a very big belly. She gets to show her comedic chops in the ad, which has got to be way more fun than stripping down over and over again. 

"How are my little triplets doing?" she asks her bulging baby bump (triplets!) in the two-and-a-half minute video, introduced by Ryan Seacrest and purported to be a leaked home-security tape. The clip also shows her donning wigs over her naturally black frizzy hair. (We knew it all along, right girls?)

Aniston's backyard pool is filled with bottles of Smartwater by some hunky pool-boys, and her grown son is played by Jimmy Kimmel.

"Go upstairs and take a nap," Aniston tells the Kimmel, moments before.. well, we don't want to ruin your viral video experience with too much prologue. Watch below.