Jennifer Aniston Predicts 'The Bachelor' Final Four on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jennifer Aniston's Bachelor Picks -Jimmy Kimmel Live-Screen shot-H 2016
Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

The actress also poses for a holiday-card picture with a fan.

Jimmy Kimmel gave Jennifer Aniston multiple tasks when she came by his show to promote her new film Office Christmas Party.

He spoke with Aniston about their shared love of The Bachelor and asked her to choose who she thinks will be the final four women that upcoming suitor Nick will choose once he narrows the field down from 30 contestants. Walking over to a giant screen with the women's faces, names and job titles on it Kimmel joked, "This is like The Brady Bunch if there were no birth control."

Aniston surveyed the women and read out their job titles: "Pilates instructor! She's probably very bend-y." She continued to look and said, "I love their jobs."

"Do you think the guys care about their jobs?" asked Kimmel. Aniston chose a business owner with "beautiful blonde" hair, a doula rocking a pair of wedge shoes Aniston appreciated, an attorney with nice arms and a "cute" neonatal nurse.

Aniston kept the commentary going throughout the selection — "She's 24, she's too young to get married" and "He's going to need an attorney, don't you think?"

During her visit, Kimmel said he always finds it remarkable how excited people are to see Aniston and asked the actress to do him a favor. He invited an Aniston fan out on stage with him, and she and her husband posed for a holiday photo with Aniston and Guillermo. 

When they walked over to the part of the stage set for the holiday card, Aniston was looking for photographic direction from Kimmel. She asked Kimmel if they should sit, if they should put on the holiday wardrobe that was on the couch and Kimmel wasn't really replying. "Jimmy — don't be a dick," said Aniston. "I mean, are you going to pose us?"

When Aniston congratulated Kimmel on his Oscars hosting gig, she talked about his wife's response to the news. She said when she texted his wife to congratulate them "She just wrote back, 'blahhhh'."

Kimmel admitted that when he first shared the news with his wife, "She looked at me as if I told her 'I wrecked your new car.'"